Disqualifications and Serious Faults
▪ Undershot bites
▪ Overshot bites exceeding 1/8 inches.

▪ Other than recognized colors.
▪ White body splashes.
▪ Dudley nose.
▪ Monorchidism and cryptorchidism.

▪ Prick ears and hound type ears are severe faults.
▪ Non-typical coats are severe faults
Undershot Bite
Undershot Bite Disqualification
Australian Shepherd Overshot Bite
Overshot Bite Disqualification

Dilute Pigmentation
Dilute Blue Merle
Australian Shepherd White body splash
Body Splash
Dudley Nose
Dudley Nose
Australian Shepherd Prick Ears
Prick Ears Severe Fault
Australian Shepherd Hound Ears
Hound Ears Severe Fault
Australian Shepherd Excessive Coat Fault
Excessive Coat Severe Fault

Undershot Bite: Lower jaw is longer than the upper one, with the lower incisors sitting in front of the upper incisors with the lower premolars aligned directly below or just forward of the upper premolars.

Overshot Bite exceeding 1/8 inches: Upper jaw is longer than the lower jaw with the upper incisors sitting well forward of the lower incisors with no physical contact between the upper and lower incisors. The upper premolars are displaced toward the front when compared to the lower premolars. One eighth of an inch is the approximate width of a match head.

Other Than Recognized Colors:
Any color other than the four described. Other than recognized colors would include such variations as brindle, piebald, dilute black (slate), dilute red (fawn), sable, white, and yellow.
For more information on non-standard colors, please visit the Field Guide to the Colors of the Australian Shepherd website.

White Body Splashes:
Any spot or patch of white on the torso, between the withers and the tail. For more information about where white is acceptable on the Australian Shepherd visit the White Markings page.

Dudley Nose:
Weakly pigmented or a completely unpigmented nose.

Monorchidism and cryptorchidism:  Monorchidism means the development and presence of only one testicle. Cryptorchidism (Unilateral) one testicle is descended into the scrotum; one is still retained up in the body.
Cryptorchidism (Bilateral) both testicles are retained in the body, none are present in the scrotum

Prick Ears:  Stiff, upright ears with no break. These ears detract from the Australian Shepherd Breed type..

Hound Ears: Large, heavy, lowset ears that hang downward from their junction at the skull with little to no lift. Seen in breeds such as Setters and Retrievers, it is incorrect for the Australian Shepherd.

Non Typical Coat Types:
Any coat type that deviates significantly from the ideal. This would include excessively long, short and smooth, curly, wiry, and fluffy arctic-like coats.


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