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Set on high at the side of the head, triangular and slightly rounded at the tip, of moderate size with length measured by bringing the tip of the ear around to the inside corner of the eye. The ears, at full attention, break slightly forward and over from one- quarter (1/4) to one-half (1/2) above the base. Prick ears and hound type ears are severe faults.
Button Earset Australian Shepherd
Correct Ear :
Ear set has lift from the base and is folded forward in the direction of the eye, obscuring the interior of the ear.

Rose Earset Australian Shepherd
Correct Ear:
An ear set that folds inward along the back half
of the ear leather and then forward, with the tip curving slightly outward, partially exposing the opening to the ear

The ears should be of moderate size, triangular in shape, and set high up on the side of the skull. The base of the ear leather should originate slightly above eye level.  There should be some lift at the base to allow for air circulation, while breaking over enough to offer protection from foreign objects. The correct ear leather size should reach the inside corner of the nearest eye.

There should be no discrimination between different, corect ear sets!

Prick and hound type ears are severely faulted because they detract from overall breed type and make the ears susceptible to health issues. A heavy, hanging ear holds in moisture and dirt and inhibits sound while an upright ear opens the canal to debris while working.

There are no actual disqualification's for inappropriate ear sets because they have no significant bearing on the most important aspect of the breed, it's ability to work livestock.

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