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Clean-cut, strong, dry and in proportion to the body. The topskull is flat to slightly rounded, its length and width each equal to the length of the muzzle which is in balance and proportioned to the rest of the head. The muzzle tapers slightly to a rounded tip. The stop is moderate but well-defined.
Australian Shepherd Male Head: Shalako Australian Shepherds
Australian Shepherd Female Head Example

The head must be moderate and in balance with other proportions of the dog, yet strong enough to protect the dog from injury while working livestock. It should not be coarse or snipy in appearance. The sex of the dog should be clearly evident  by looking at the head.

In measurement, the width and length of the skull should be approximately the same as that of the length of the muzzle.

The major features of the head should  transition smoothly together without abrupt stops or hard angles. The planes of the skull should be slightly oblique to each other. This structure  reduces the potential for injury should a hoof  graze off the skull while working in close quarters.

The topskull is flat to slightly curved between the ears. It should not  appear domed. 

The backskull connects smoothly into the muzzle with a moderate, but definite stop.The foreface is well filled in under the eyes, tapering gradually to form a medium length muzzle shaped like an oblique wedge.

The  underjaw should be well developed without being squared off.

The skin of the head should be tight fitting, without any evidence of loose flews, drooping lids or wrinkling about the cheek and muzzle.The lips of the Australian Shepherd are to be tight and clean, without excessive looseness at the corners or overhanging flews at the front of the mouth. A significantly wet mouth resulting from loose lips is undesirable.

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