Australian Shepherd Illustrated Breed Standard
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Australian Shepherd Illustrated Breed Standard: A classic Blue Merle

The goal of this website is to help better the understanding of the ASCA Breed Standard of the Australian Shepherd.
Anyone involved in the sport of purebred dogs, whether as a judge, exhibitor or breeder, must have the ability to determine correct structure and type and how it relates to their dog’s ability to perform the function for which it was bred.
The Australian Shepherd's primary purpose is that of a stock dog, able to take on multiple, utilitarian ranch tasks from moving livestock over large acreage to close-in pen work, requires endurance as well as lightning-quick agility.
These same traits serve the breed in other areas of performance such as Agility, Search and Rescue, Frisbee and Flyball competitions. Correct structure is just as desirable in the family pet as it is in the best ranch dog or top conformation competitor.
I hope that this site is able to impart something of value to the Aussie owner, breeder, exhibitor and judge.

Shelly Hollen
Breeder Judge

Commentary and Illustrations: Shelly Hollen  
Photography: Mike Arnett
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