I wrote this glossary to provide online access to definitions of formal terms commonly used in both the Australian Shepherd and general canine fancy.
There are many aspects one might want in a definition: clarity, usefulness, standardization, accuracy, brevity, completeness, and precision. I have attempted to provide all of these in an easy to use format.

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Abdomen: The portion  of the dogs body between the chest and the hindquarters. Does not include limbs, tail, neck or head
The activity, degree and nature of movement of the fore and hindquarters during the various gaits.
The membrane consisting of placenta, amnion, and umbilical cord expelled from the uterus after a puppy has been born.
Abbreviation for Artificial Insemination (see definition for artificial insemination)
Albino, Albinism:
A congenital condition exhibited by a total lack of pigmentation of the skin, hair, choroid, retina and iris
Anatomy: The topographical identification of the muscles, body parts, and skeleton (link: Australian Shepherd anatomy)
The angles formed where bones meet together at joints. Primarily refers to the shoulder,humerus, pastern, pelvis, femur relationships
The region between the point of shoulder and elbow (humerus) is referred to as the "upper arm". The point between the elbow joint and pastern is referred to as the "lower arm"
Artificial Insemination
The introduction of semen into the oviduct or uterus by some means other than sexual intercourse. Performed when location, temperament or physical complications make a natural breeding impractical.

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