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Stud Service Contract: Sample 

Stud Service Contract:

The service at stud of the male Australian Shepherd
(name) __________________________________________________________________________
AKC#  ____________________________________ ASCA#________________________________
OFA# ______________________________ CERF#_______________________________________

is hereby contracted for the following bitch:
AKC#  ____________________________________ ASCA#________________________________
OFA# ______________________________

Under the following terms:

                           1. The fee of  ______________for the stud service is payable at the time of service or under the terms as follows:

                           2. Prior to breeding the owner of the bitch shall have performed the following veterinary
                           procedures prior to the breeding:

                                a. Clear Brucella test (results no more than 60 days old)
OFA or PennHip and current CERF exam
                                c. DNA results for the Hereditary cataract test
                           3. A later return service is available to the same bitch in a later heat, to the same stud dog, if two

                           or more puppies do not result from this breeding.The following veterinary procedures
                           might be requested if the bitch has a history of failure to conceive:

                                a. Normal Aerobic cervical ( high vaginal ) culture and sensitivity
Clear Brucella test
Normal Thyroid (T4) test                          

                           4. All transportation charges are the responsibility of the owner/lessee of the bitch. If applicable, additional charges for board
                               and transportation of the bitch shall be charged at the following

                                a. Board at 10.00 per day. Boarding charges are waived for the first ten days.
                                b. Transportation to/from the Houston Intercontinental  airport at .50 per mile/per trip.
                                c. Bitch owner/lessee is liable for any additional veterinarian expenses warranted, including but not
                                    limited to artificial insemination and progesterone testing.

                           5. Additional considerations concerning this breeding are as follows:
                               a. no pup shall be euthanized due to color, sex or lack of trim
                               b. stud dog owner shall be supplied with photos of each pup born within 24 hours of their birth.
                               c. stud dog owner(s) shall be supplied with a copy of sales contract and owner information on each offspring before litter papers
                                  will be signed.
                               d. all companion (non-performance/non-show) pups shall be sold with spay / neuter contracts. 

STUD DOG OWNER: ________________________________________________________________________
PHONE: (day) ________________________________________ (evening)______________________________
BITCH OWNER: _____________________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: __________________________________________________________________________________


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